Hospice Employee Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable After Walking Up To Sleeping Dying Woman

Hospice Employee Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable After Walking Up To Sleeping Dying Woman

A hospice worker garnered praise for what he did to help a patient, and the remarkable moment was was caught on camera (video below).

In the clip, the worker is singing to a patient lying in her bed while he reads the lyrics from his phone. The elderly woman shows a slight smile as she listens to the kind, caring worker serenade her, reports HeroViral.

The video quickly went viral, with many applauding the worker for his touching gesture — particularly toward someone who is seemingly at the end of their life.


“I’m watching this and bawling my eyes out,” one viewer commented on YouTube. “Such kindness, compassion and love. He’s a beautiful man. I can’t stop crying, not for grief or hardship, but because of the rarity of wonderful men like him.”

“How beautiful what a nice thing to do and I am currently volunteering at my local hospice and it’s very rewarding and this song was sung at my uncles funeral a last month and I forgot the name of the song does anyone know the name thank you for all the work the hospice workers do,” another added.

Other viewers shared their own experiences with hospice workers, praising them for the incredibly emotional work they do.

“This was so awe inspiring from this wonderful nurse,” one viewer wrote on Newsiosity’s Facebook page. “It has been just six months since I lost my Mom and I had the most fantastic hospice staff that helped me. I don’t know what I would have done without them since I am an only child and Mom’s sole caregiver. They made Mom comfortable and saved me.”

“I can’t say enough about Hospice and their workers,” another added. “Several years ago my mother was terminal with cancer. Hospice sent a representative to our home. Before she left she had a medical bed and everyone for her care on the way. The young lady they sent to look after Mom took as good care as if she was her [own] mother. Mom and us fell in love with her. She was there till night everyday. After Mom passed away, they sent a representative to see if we needed counseling or any other assistance.”

Sources: HeroViral, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: HeroViral

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