Hillary Scumbags TORCH Trump Supporting Navy Veteran’s Home!

Hillary Scumbags TORCH Trump Supporting Navy Veteran’s Home!

This really makes me furious. A Navy veteran, his wife and two young children had their home burned out from under them because of domestic terrorists (probably Black Lives Matter or Hillary scumbags) attacking them either because they are white or because they support President-elect Trump, or both. There was anti-Trump graffiti spray-painted on the home, along with racist sentiments. Matthew Smith flies three flags in front of his home: the American flag, the POW flag and the Florida flag. They were not harmed. But the inside and back of the home are totally gutted. They were lucky they weren’t home and instead were house sitting for a relative. There won’t be much of a Christmas for this little family this year.

Erskin Fire

Police believe the vandalizing of two mobile homes nearby with similar graffiti is related to this. Someone tried to set one of them on fire as well. Smith’s home was in foreclosure… times are tough for this family. They support Donald Trump because they feel he will turn this country around economically and in other ways as well. They hope that he will bring jobs back again. They didn’t have Trump signs up or tell people they were supporters, although on Facebook, it was clear that Matthew did support Donald Trump. A neighbor called them at 3 am to tell them their home was on fire. This didn’t make the news nationally, I guess because they support Trump. But it should have. Hate crimes are spreading across the nation against those that support Donald Trump at an alarming rate.

From InfoWars:

A Navy veteran with two young children had his home vandalized with anti-Trump graffiti and racial slurs both inside and out before it was set on fire in yet another shocking example of the anti-Trump hate crime wave sweeping America.

Matthew Smith, who flies three flags in front of his house in Plant City, Florida, the American flag, the POW Flag, and the Navy flag, says he was targeted for his political beliefs.

“It’s not what I expected out of America,” Smith told Fox 13. “It should be us figuring problems out together.”

The word “cracker” was also spray painted on the house, suggesting that the crime was racially motivated and most likely carried out by ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporters.

Earlier this month, two mobile homes located nearby were spray painted with the words “f**k Trump,” “BLM” and “burn everything!,” indicating a possible connection between the two attacks.

The Smith family could not afford insurance, so none of their belongings were covered. They lost everything, but their little family. Which is the most important thing. “If this had happened to a Hillary backer, you would never hear the end of it. Don’t count on the “progressive” media spending much time on this one, though,” comments Ethan Ralph.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve lost count of the number of hate crimes against Trump supporters. Muslims are claiming that Trump’s supporters are committing hate crimes against them, but every one I have seen of those claims has turned out to be false. The Muslim claims get never ending coverage even though they are lies and have been proven to be hoaxes. But the Trump-related crimes get no media coverage at all to speak of.

So much for tolerance and diversity from the left. What a horrid joke that is. This family is a victim of Leftist violence and Black Lives Matter. I hope that the police at least catch whoever did it. Not holding my breath though.





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