Here’s The Picture That Landed Trump Supporters Ted Nugent And Kid Rock In Hot Water (Photo)

Here’s The Picture That Landed Trump Supporters Ted Nugent And Kid Rock In Hot Water (Photo)

Rock musician Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy – even when he’s not the one at the center of it.

Nugent recently posted a photo of his friend Kid Rock posing with an unidentified man and a dead mountain lion after what appears to have been a successful hunting trip.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

“HAIL my MotorCity boy Kid Rock for saving all those mule deer elk & livestock by whacking this magnificent mountain lion,” Nugent wrote, in part, in his Facebook post. “Its legal its necessary its good its beneficial its a damn riot!” he continued.

As of this week, the controversial post has been shared nearly 2,300 times, and nearly 4,000 comments were made either defending the singer or expressing outrage over his post.

“Animals were not put here to be senselessly killed for a trophy! Makes me sick!” wrote user Melissa Duncan, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Ted Nugent hunter

Ted Nugent hunter

“Hunter and their kill. The same people are proud of their bowel movements too… ‘Look what I did’. No one wants to see it,” user Jim Nichols said.

Others defended the singer and his rock star friend, saying that they weren’t doing anything illegal.

“Ted Nugent is a hunter, he went hunting, he went with a buddy,” user Erica Schroeder DiCosmo said. “Every fall our state celebrates opening weekend, there are signs all over the state saying “Welcome Hunters”, every mall in the state has Widows Weekend sales, hunting is a big part of Michigan’s tourist industry. So a picture of Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, with their kill, is no different than any other hunting buddies with theirs! They didn’t kill an endangered animal, they weren’t poaching and they had a license to hunt.”

What do you think of Nugent’s controversial Facebook post?

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Oakland Press / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

7 thoughts on “Here’s The Picture That Landed Trump Supporters Ted Nugent And Kid Rock In Hot Water (Photo)

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  1. Nice cat looks like a big tom. If people don’t like it to bad . I hope one of these animals lover’s gets attacked by one and then thay will think twice about there comments. .
    That’s next on my bucket list a nice Tom mountain lion with a Bow.

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