Here’s How To Identify Fake Plastic Rice From China

Here’s How To Identify Fake Plastic Rice From China

Health officials are warning that Chinese rice manufacturers are making rice out of a shocking and disturbing ingredient – plastic.

Over the past year, it has been widely speculated that some manufacturers are producing rice using plastics like melamine as a filler and additive. Chinese rice, some say, is simply just a mixture of potato starch and shredded plastic tat is flavored with rice steam.

Here's How To Identify Fake Plastic Rice

Here’s How To Identify Fake Plastic Rice

The most effective way to avoid getting rice that is made with plastic is to buy domestically produced rice. If, for some reason, buying Chinese rice is unavoidable, however, you can test the rice buy grinding some of it into a powder using a mortar and pestle. If the rice powder comes out looking white, then it is all natural. If it appears to be a yellowish color, that could indicate a plastic component.

Another test that is useful in identifying plastic in rice is a water test. Drop a grain of rice into a glass of water and see if it sinks. If it does sink, it is safe to eat. If it floats, the rice might contain plastic, AWM America reported.

Many readers agreed with avoiding Chinese rice, saying that cultural practices in China are a good indicator to know that food imports shouldn’t be trusted.

“Why would anyone buy food imported from China, a country that puts lead in Childrens toys? A country that allows it citizens to boil live dogs and call it a “festival”. A country that allows its citizens to hang dogs in nets from buildings while they wait to be skinned alive to make fur collars on jackets? Would you expect food being processed over there to actually be safe to eat?” one AWM America reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Why are we allowing foreign food into our country? We can produce our own food. Demand better labeling so we know where the food came from. Stores do not have to disclose that currently,” another added.

Sources: AWM America, AWM America/Facebook / Photo credit: AWM America

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