HE JUST DID IT! Muslims Are PISSED OFF After Trump Just Followed Through On MAJOR Campaign Promise!

HE JUST DID IT! Muslims Are PISSED OFF After Trump Just Followed Through On MAJOR Campaign Promise!

In December of 2015, then presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States until “our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Trump made the call for the ban less than a week after two Islamic scumbags killed 14 Americans and injured 22 others in San Bernardino, California. Americans were sick of the terrorist attacks that had occurred in their country, and in our allies’ countries during Obama’s reign.

HE JUST DID IT! Muslims Are PISSED OFF After Trump Just Followed Through On MAJOR Campaign Promise!

HE JUST DID IT! Muslims Are PISSED OFF After Trump Just Followed Through On MAJOR Campaign Promise!

Trump’s announcement also came one week before the 5th Republican primary debate hosted by CNN in Las Vegas. The call for the ban served him well. After the announcement and the debate, Trump surged in the polls. His opponents scrambled to make up lost ground. Soon, the other candidates realized there was no stopping the outspoken billionaire genius. In May of 2016, Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee after all other candidates dropped out.

After Hillary Clinton and her ilk rigged the Democratic primary to keep socialist Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination of their party, the final match was set. It would be Trump the National Hero vs Crooked Hillary.

Hillary did her best (as did the leftist scum MSM aligned with her) to paint the heroic candidate as a racist Islamophobe over his call for a ban on Muslim immigration to keep us safe from terror attacks. Hillary even invited a Muslim Gold Star father & his wife to speak at the Democratic National Convention to slam Trump. Of course, it was found out that the Muslim, Khizr Khan, was tied to Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation, and organizations promoting Muslim immigration to the U.S. among other things.

Hillary’s attempts to smear Trump failed, and the billionaire philanthropist wisely adjusted his stance on Muslim immigration shortly after.

In June of 2016, Trump began speaking of barring Muslims from entering the United States if they came from “known” terror hotspots. He no longer spoke of banning all Muslims. His statements came after an ISIS scum sympathizer killed 49 Americans at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Trump’s shift blunted Hillary’s & MSM’s further attacks where they tried to paint him as a hater. It was a genius move. One of many which would eventually lead to him utterly destroying Crooked, lying Hillary in the election.

Now, President Donald J. Trump is making good on his promises.

On Wednesday, January 25th, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order temporarily barring refugees entry into the U.S. He signed another order which blocks visas of Muslims who hail from the terror hotspots of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. The ban excludes religious minorities who are attempting to escape persecution (Such as Christians who reside in Muslim countries).

Now, liberals are crying like a person who cries a lot. Which is basically what we expect from liberals… and people who cry a lot.

The era of Trump is here. No more broken promises. No more pandering to radical Islamic terrorists. No more BS.

The era of Trump is here. And I have a feeling it’s going to be a REALLY f*cking awesome era.

3 thoughts on “HE JUST DID IT! Muslims Are PISSED OFF After Trump Just Followed Through On MAJOR Campaign Promise!

  1. This article leaves much to be desired. Photo shopped images designed to curry to the anti-Muslim fear that has pervaded this country, name calling, and half truths. How about trying professional journalism for a change? You might consider brushing up on the constitution while you are at it. It is unconstitutional to discriminate against a group or individual based on their religious beliefs. Every right that we claim for ourselves must be extended, protected and defended to and for others also. There is no supremacy or elitism. The idea that some lives matter less is the root cause of all injustice on this planet. Freedom of Religion applies to all faiths, not just some. I am Christian pastor and a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces and I will stand with my Muslim countrymen and resist any and all attempts to discriminate against them. Hatred, bigotry and discrimination must not define who we are as Americans!

  2. I agree religious freedom applies in the US. But we are talking about stopping more people from coming into the US who may harbor someone with terrorists ties. Until they can be thoroughly vetted. The US has done it in the past and if it saves American lives I am all for it. America First!!! Being allowed to enter into the US is a privilege not a right!!! Saving lives is more important than denying someone the privilege of entering the US. Also it is not Christians that are against Muslims. It’s the Muslims that are against Christians. So wake up and do your due diligence. Read the Koran, I have, and it says that all non Muslims are infidels and must be eliminated!! How can you misinterpret that????

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