Halloween Chaos On The Streets Of Newcastle

Halloween Chaos On The Streets Of Newcastle

Scantily-clad revellers in Newcastle were strewn out across pavements and even in road carriageways as Halloween celebrations bubbled and boiled out of control.
Northumberland Police have described the weekend as ‘very quiet’ – but if these pictures are anything to go by it beggars belief what an eventful one must be like.
Several of the people in the photos – mostly of women – are likely to have needed a strong potion to cure their sore heads the following day.


One woman in a pink dress complete with bunny ears while is seen laying flat on her back on the side of the road, while her camouflaged friend crouches over her.
However, she is completely unable to stand on her own two feet and another friend comes over to help take her away from the area.
Although she appears to be conscious and her companion fairly relaxed, other situations seem to be of more concern.

Another girl, dressed in a maid’s uniform, appears to be completely passed out in the road’s carriageway, in a bus stop, while a red-headed male desperately tends to her.
She is later placed in the arms of another friend who is sat on the curb and has an extremely worried look on her face.
Fake blood can be seen running down her face, although it is not clear if she has been crying of if this is just part of her gory costume.
In another photo, a lone female can be seen looking worse for wear as she sits outside a bar with her phone in her hand, presumably trying to contact friends.
A large group of girls, dressed in a variety of outfits including an Incredibles costume, leave the bar in an extremely lively but far more responsive state
A police spokesman told MailOnline: ‘It was very quiet this weekend, [there were] very few incidents of note.’

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