Group DEMANDS That ‘White People’ PAY Reparations To Blacks….”We’re Coming To Get It”

Group DEMANDS That ‘White People’ PAY Reparations To Blacks….”We’re Coming To Get It”

Meet Gazi Kodzo: a.k.a. Black Hitler. Judging by his voice, he appears to be a human incarnation of Jar Jar Binks.

Gazi is a revolutionary African internationalist, black supremacist and Afrocentrist who still to this day is fighting against the chains the white male oppressors has placed upon his brethren, even though they’ve been removed for hundreds of years. As you’ll glean from the video in this article, he and his followers are completely delusional. His ideology is basically the mirror image of your average white supremacist and Neo-Nazi in blackface.

Group DEMANDS That ‘White People’ PAY Reparations To Blacks….”We’re Coming To Get It”

Group DEMANDS That ‘White People’ PAY Reparations To Blacks….”We’re Coming To Get It”

According to him, all white people owe black people reparations? Why? Because of the 1.6% of Americans who owned slaves hundreds of years ago in America. Here’s the scoop, courtesy of Democrat Busters:

Every now and then, groups pop up demanding that white people pay back what they stole from black people over the last couple of centuries. What they fail to recognize is that they have already been paid for the last 60 years through all sorts of government programs and give aways. Check this ludicrous video out…

It’s hard not to watch videos like this and not think that white guilt is some kind of bizarre mental illness. I do think these people provide some value to society however – they convince sane people to vote for Donald Trump.

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  1. I understand where you are coming from. I just don’t know how to make things right between us but your feelings matter to me. I just don’t like being held responsible for what our ancestors before us did. All I can do is my best to treat EVERYONE as I want to be treated. I am truly sorry for what has gone on in the past. I hope we can find a peaceful solution for all our sakes.

    • Who Was The 1st Legal Slave Owner In America – A Short History Lesson The Liberal Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

      Patriot Chronicle
      As police officers are facing calls for attacks on them by black supremacist groups like Black Lives Matter and the media is creating racial divides by claiming that it is unsafe for black people to walk down the street, it is interesting to take a look back in history to find out just where the racial divides began.
      The first Delaware slave owner mentioned in America was during a legal case involving African- American Anthony Johnson who was a former indentured servant who became a landowner himself. Johnson then purchased the contract of a black indentured servant named John Casor.
      It was during his is service that Casor, with the help of a neighbor, Robert Parker, who brought a lawsuit against Johnson alleging that Casor had served his time and should be released.
      The ruling was upheld in by the Northampton Court in 1654, but then the ruling was reversed a year later by an appellate court.
      “This daye Anthony Johnson made his complaint to the court against Mr. Robert Parker and declared that hee deteyneth his servant John Casor under the pretence that said person was a free man. The court seriously considering and maturely weighing the premises, doe fynde that the saide Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the said person from Anthony Johnson his master as appeareth by the deposition of Captain Samuel Goldsmith and many probably circumstances. It is therefore the Judgement of the Court and ordered that the said John Casor fortwith returne unto the service of the said master Anthony Johnson, and that Mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charges in the suit.”
      It was determined that Casor was to be a servant for the duration of his natural life, thus Casor became known as the first legally recognized slave and Anthony Johnson is recognized by many as the first legal slave owner.
      As Black Lives Matter and the media are complaining about supposed victims of institutionalized racism built within the police force, all the while completely ignoring the black on black murders that are happening in massive numbers throughout inner cities in America, it would be interesting to know what they thought about the fact that the first legal case involving a slave owner in America involved a black man fighting to make another black man a slave.
      Note : We want to make clear that Anthony Johnson was the first “legal” slave. There could be, and probably were, slaves before then. From snopes
      “The first legal slave owner in American history was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson.
      Possibly true. The wording of the statement is important. Anthony Johnson was not the first slave owner in American history, but he was, according to historians, among the first to have his lifetime ownership of a servant legally sanctioned by a court. ”
      Additionally, some sites are running this story with another image. The man in the image is Lewis Hayden and not Anthony Johnson.
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  2. Whites have paid way too much allready with 30 or 40% of minorities being on food stamps and welfare! In fact blacks should pay whites if it werent for white slave traders they would still be in mozambique trying to put bones through their noses and inbreading instead they got to come to Merica have 4 caddys, 6bitches and cant make $50 bail to ge t out of cook county! And those sagging bitch pants!

  3. My family never came to America, through Ellis Island, in 1911. We never “owned” anyone. White guilt? Nope, not me. Reparations? Nope, not me.

  4. Well hell I thought this would be a big bad scary group of thugs and it’s just a bunch of rainbow fags and if I owe you all something it’s nothing over a little black powder and a brass shell when you come onto my property

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