Flip Flop Of The Century. Muslim Gold Star Father Calls For Unity Just After Bashing Trump For Months.

Flip Flop Of The Century. Muslim Gold Star Father Calls For Unity Just After Bashing Trump For Months.

Remember Khizr Khan? Of course you do. He is the Muslim father of a fallen soldier that Hillary Clinton used as a tool against Donald Trump in the election. That sure worked, didn’t it Hillary.

Flip Flop Of The Century. Muslim Gold Star Father Calls For Unity Just After Bashing Trump For Months.

Khan infamously gave a rousing speech at the DNC where he chastised Donald Trump for dividing the country. Liberal cheered in joy. Apart from being a shill for the Clinton campaign and his words rendered largely meaningless, Khan has continued to bash Trump. That is, up until Trump won.

Now Khan is changing his story and flip flopping, calling for Trump to unify instead of continuing to bash him. This is the backwards, liberal, idiotic mindset people.

khizr khan

Khizr Khan, a Muslim-American Gold Star father who criticized Donald Trump throughout the general election because of his stance on Islam, now seems to be changing his tune after the results of Tuesday night’s presidential race.

“That was not what we were expecting but this is the time to move forward and begin to give hope to those who are distraught, who are disappointed,” Khan said.

Khan was cast into national spotlight when he gave an impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. During the address, while praying to his son who was killed in Iraq, Khan held up a pocket-sized Constitution and asked whether or not Trump had even read the document, adding that Trump had sacrificed “nothing.”

Khan continued to campaign throughout the fall with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. On Monday, Khan took the stage alongside Clinton in New Hampshire to stress the importance of the choice everyone was about to make.

“So today, I have a few questions for Donald Trump. Donald Trump, would my son have a place in your America?” asked Khan, a Muslim. “Would Muslims have a place in your America? Would Latinos have a place in your America? Would African-Americans have a place in your America, Donald Trump?”

He continued: “Would anyone who isn’t you have a place in your America? Well, thankfully, Mr. Trump, this isn’t your America.”

Khan received roaring applause from those who were attending the event. But now that Trump has become president-elect, Khan is urging him to bring the country together.

“This nation needs to move forward, and move forward together, not divided, and that is his responsibility now, to bring us all together and move us all forward without division,” Khan said.

Yea, as soon as you lose, now you want to make amends. I don’t think so Khan.

You and the rest of the liberals are the ones who are truly deplorable. You say one thing, only to completely sell out and flip your answer the next day. And when you don’t get your way, you and your supporters riot.

Sounds exactly like the opposite of who I want running my country.

(Source: Western Journalism)

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