Entitled Passengers Think They Can Do Whatever They Like, Then The Cops Show Up

Entitled Passengers Think They Can Do Whatever They Like, Then The Cops Show Up

A rich, entitled passenger on a flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, decided to cause a scene on a flight alongside his girlfriend — until the police arrived and set him straight (video below).

Blake Adam Fleisig was on the flight with his girlfriend, Anna Koosmann, when she stood up to use the bathroom shortly after the plane took off. Flight attendants told her to sit down until the plane was at the appropriate altitude, prompting the couple to start fighting with them. Fleisig, a Citibank Vice President, became “aggressive” with the attendants and escalated the situation so severely that the pilot decided to turn the flight around.

Rich Guy Causes Problems On Flight, Then Cops Step In (Video)

Rich Guy Causes Problems On Flight, Then Cops Step In (Video)

Once the plane landed back at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, officers boarded and began to escort the couple off. In a video of the incident, passengers can be heard cheering as the entitled couple is taken off the plane. Suddenly, Fleisig decides to punch a passenger in the face – causing officers in front of him to run back down the aisle and subdue him.

“Stop!” the officers yell as they command Fleisig to “stay down.”

The police then drag the couple down the aisle as fellow passengers cheer and applaud the officers.

“You better f**k your sucking…” Koosmann can be heard saying as she’s dragged down the aisle and off the plane.

“You’re already going to jail,” one officer says to her.

“Why? For what? For what?” she replies.

Fleisig was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, though some passengers believe he should have been charged with assault. Koosmann was also charged with disorderly conduct.

“This couple thought that they could do whatever they want, but found out quickly that wasn’t the case. Now they can cool their heels in a Federal prison,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“The airline did the right thing and so did the police! Disrupting and fighting on any airplane or on the airport premises itself are federal offenses! People feel that they are privileged and rules don’t apply to them!” another added.

Others applauded the officers for not putting up with the spoiled couple’s tantrum.

“It’s wonderful to see that airline pilots, and the polices, will not tolerate the actions of people who think that laws don’t apply to them. Thank you for getting them off of the plane!” one reader commented.

Sources: AWM America, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: AWM America

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