Drivers On Freeway Shocked By What Massive Convoy Of Tow Trucks Was Hiding In Plain Sight

Drivers On Freeway Shocked By What Massive Convoy Of Tow Trucks Was Hiding In Plain Sight

A line of tow trucks on the road in Alabama shocked drivers after they noticed what they were all carefully concealing between them.

The trucks were part of a procession in memory of John “Bubba” Hubbard, a tow truck driver who recently passed away and was known as a generous, caring employee and community member.


“John would help anybody. He would go out of his way. It didn’t matter what you were doing,” Wesley Passmore, who hired Hubbard five years earlier at his company — Classic Towing And Recover — told ABC 33/40.

Hubbard reportedly died trying to help a driver on the side of the road. His life was taken as a result of the “Move Over” law, for which there is a $25 if someone is in violation.

“My life is worth way more than $25,” driver Mike Atchley told ABC 33/40. “Because that’s a human being. A human life that has a family.”

The driver’s death prompted support and condolences in the local community as well as all around the Southeast.

Atchley, a fellow driver who didn’t know Hubbard personally, told the news station that he felt as though he lost a “brother.” The sentiment was shared by a large number of drivers, and Passmore explained that the profession is something of a family.

“Not many people understand how it can be such a large family of tow truck drivers but it’s, it’s a a brotherhood,” Passmore said.

The story quickly went viral, with many praising the drivers for honoring their brother in such a significant way.

“It is good to see people of a craft stick together and show respect to one of their brothers,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

Sources: ABC 33/40, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Mad World News/Facebook

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