DON’T STOP SHARING: Officer Shot Down, Dies On Camera… This Is Why Police Can’t Hesitate

DON’T STOP SHARING: Officer Shot Down, Dies On Camera… This Is Why Police Can’t Hesitate

The video of the shooting of police officer Kyle Dinkheller is haunting. It is now used to train police officers on how to handle and not handle violent situations. The footage is graphic and the officer dies on camera. It also shows exactly why police cannot hesitate when confronted by an unstable and/or violent individual.

DON’T STOP SHARING Officer Shot Down, Dies On Camera… This Is Why Police Can’t Hesitate

Officer Dinkheller pulled over Andrew Howard Brannan for speeding over 100 miles an hour in Georgia. Initially, it seemed like an ordinary stop. Brannan got out of his truck willingly and said hello to Dinkheller. Then Brannan put his hands in his pockets and the officer asked him to remove them and place them in plain sight. After that, things went deadly and fast.

From American News:

In the past year, Americans have seen a one-sided story of “police violence” being told in the liberal media. But another video explains just what officers are up against, when they are forced to make the most difficult decision of their lives—whether or not to fire on a suspect who might try to kill them

The wrong choice can impact your life forever, and hesitation can rob you of your life altogether. That’s why its important for the American public to understand the story of Kyle Dinkheller.

Dinkheller was a 22-year-old deputy with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia. In 1998, he was killed in the line of duty. The incident was captured on video, ad the footage has been used in police training for a decade and a half.

Brannan soon showed how unstable and violent he really was. He started demanding that Dinkheller shoot him and started dancing around erratically. The officer called for backup – it would get there far too late. Brannan rushed him and Dinkheller used his baton to fend him off. That’s when Brannan went back to his truck to get his gun.

He came back and shot the officer ten times. The last shot was delivered through the officer’s eye. You can hear Dinkheller screaming and then dying – it is horrific. Then Brannan got back in his truck and calmly drove off.

Two years after this happened, Brannan was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. He was executed by lethal injection last year. While he was waiting for the needle, he was asked why he killed the deputy. “Because he let me,” he responded. If the officer had used lethal force and taken this guy out, he’d still be with us. If a perp disobeys orders like this, it is incumbent on the officer to take them out. This is why officers need to act fast and not hesitate – their lives depend on it.

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