Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree? (VOTE)

Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree? (VOTE)

With kids being more disrespectful than ever, Trump has expressed that sometimes kids need a spank to get ’em in line. Do you agree with him? Vote in our poll below and have your voice heard! Click to continue.

Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree (VOTE)

Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree (VOTE)

244 thoughts on “Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree? (VOTE)

  1. Absolutely! The Gov’t agencies have taken our rights away to discipline our children since 911 was started and this has caused much of our parenting to go in a total wrong direction; kids need to have boundaries and rules need to be followed in order to raise respectful and productive youth.

          • No, it isn’t. Neither is your gross misinterpretation of what the actual passage means.

          • accepted Christian clergy belief and practice.
            First of all the aforementioned “rod” is not the rod of a stick to beat your child with, it is the rod as in “thy rod and thy staff comfort me,” the familiar refrain from the 23rd Psalm. In other places, particularly throughout all of Psalms, the rod is referred to as strength as in, “the Lord is my rod and fortress,” as mentioned in Psalm 18:2 and 31:3. Or “He is my rod and my salvation,” in Psalm 61:2 and 62:6. Throughout Genesis in particular we get references to the rod as a sceptre or staff that is carried by royalty, Pharaohs, and enlightened spiritual beings like Moses or Gods like Zeus.
            Perhaps most significant is the staff of Moses, actually called a rod in the King James Version of the Bible. This rod was used to perform miracles of profound spiritual significance. This Moses’ rod or staff was used to produce water from a rock, transformed into a snake to swallow an enemy snake, and ultimately used to part the Red Sea. Moses was seen carrying this rod in all significant and important matters of spiritual accomplishments and rituals.

            In other words throughout scripture the rod was symbolic and representative of strength, power and spiritual transformation. So the real meaning of “spare the rod and spoil the child,” is that if you spare the rod of spiritual knowledge, insight and transformation to your child, they’ll be spoiled rotten.” In other words, without spiritual knowledge your children will be worthless. They need spiritual knowledge and insight in order to be the very best that they can be. Without this “rod” of strength, insight and spiritual awareness they’ll be lost in the world and of no good to anyone.
            In other words, nowhere in the Bible does it actually say, “get a rod and beat your kid or they’ll be spoiled.” It’s not literally talking about a physical rod, stick, bat, tree branch, golf club or any other hard physical instrument with which to beat your kid.

        • The most famous is Proverbs 13:24: “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.” Proverbs 23:13-14 offers this bit of Old Testament parenting advice: “Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

      • There is a huge lack of respect in today’s society that rears it’s ugly head almost everywhere you go. If they don’t listen to words how else will they listen. We must instill in our children morals that they are going to need or we will all be regretting it.

      • I agree, as long as injury doesn’t occur. A good ‘Ole “woodshed experience” is needed once in a while. The kids of today aren’t taught to respect their elders anymore.

        • I promise you my kids know if they want to act like a thug they can pick themselves up off the ground like a thug after I put them on it

      • I’m 17 and go to a Private school there are so many kids who could do good with a good ass whoopin’. They are to much about themselves

      • I feel every kid needs to know who is boss and who is in charge. It might keep then from going to prison later in life..

      • I agree spanking didn’t hurt me. The Government always sticks their noses in our business, and took away our rights to correct or discipline our children, so now there a whole bunch of disrespectful, idiots out there, that don’t care about anything. They want to punish the parents for bad children, but the government caused it.

    • I was spanked when a child grew up with respect and discipline and Im alive well and feel I have a great moral. Pass yes they do

    • Hell yes! Corporal punishment is very effective when done with Love, Compassion, and Respect! Exactly why the Military has been using it for 200+ years, it’s effective, it works!

    • Yes, I agree. We have let kids run the show today.
      If you are in a place to eat, they just run around and do what they want. Parents are afraid to exercise parental control.

    • Absolutely. !!!!!!! Not in anger however. Do it when calm and explain why you are spanking them. They will learn right from wrong, respect, wrong actions/behavior has consequences. If done in anger they only learn to respond to anger with violence.

    • Yes I truly agree I’ve also was spanked when I was young and believe me twice or the third time over baby never bothered me since did me good should be in the system no matter what help out all these trouble kids out here and straighten them out with some love and affection that goes a long way but yes sometimes they do need a spanking this train their little butts out amen

    • Oh yes the kiss now days are so disrespectful and out of control if we were allowed to spank our kids we would have less kids misbehaving

    • Agree,,,,, there is a difference in spanking a child and beating a child.. a child needs to be taught no means no, and to know there are consequences for misbehaving, as a last resort spanking is sometimes needed… I agree some children need a good old fashion spanking, but then lately so do some of the parents!

      • That’s the truth, the parents of most of these disrespectful kids are worse than the kids. It is a learned behavior problem. And when the kids do get in trouble for their behavior at school or whatever, the parents are there raising a ruckus about their little angel be treated unfairly. To much damn coddling from the parents and not enough effort on their part to teach them right and wrong.

    • I totally agree that’s why our schools are the way they are. Kids have no respect for their elders or for anyon else for that matter., starts at home. There is a difference between a good old fashion spanking and abuse.

    • I totally agree. Kids have no respect for anything and zero discipline. Parents need to set boundaries and punishment for not keeping these boundaries.

    • Our younger generations have become so needy and uncaring, our future is in jeopardy! Spank your children! Teach them discipline and responsibility. Maybe we might have a chance. Spoiled rotten brats are what the world has become full of. A generation full of people that expect the world on a silver platter and have no clue what work ethics are. That’s why they fail so horribly at life. I spank my kids, they work for what they have, they get grounded for poor grades, they are held accountable for their actions.

      • Amen I feel the same way I’m dealing with issues with my kids they don’t listen they back talk everything all I know when I was a child if I ever talked back to my mom I would of been across the room in 0.1 seconds because she would knocked me out and I do believe in spare the rod spoil the child I believe in spankings but with people that hurt beyond anything else should be in jail there is a difference in whooping and abuse . My grandma didn’t hold anything back either she was a good southern women we all know how they are I was brought up with respect being compassionate everything I thank my mom for the spankings taughts me a great lessons in life and I’m trying to instill that in my children it’s hard being a single mother so I play the role of mommy and daddy and I want my kids respectfull so tough love comes into place so with that said I only agree with a few things with Donald Trump and this is one if you do spank your children it doesn’t make a bad parent your saving your child from being ignorant to other and most of all you so once again keep this in your mind with your child is out of control have patience but be stern and if time out don’t work the spare the rode spoil the child

    • If you dont spank(and im not advocating “abusive” beatings) the police will do so later..with billi clubs..!! Remeber a spanking should be a consequence..not a punishment..been there done that Mama!

    • Spank that ass! Spank THAT ass! Spaaaank that ASS!!!! These kids today don’t even understand the concept of respect let alone know how to give respect where it’s due! A smack on the ass has never killed anyone. Without discipline how can a child ever be prepared to deal the consequences of the decisions they will make as adults? How can someone ever be considered an adult without learning enough discipline to function as good people?

    • Most definitely there is a difference between abuse and a good old fashion spanking. Abuse absolutely not, a spanking when needed you bet.

    • I got my butt spanked as a child, and I didn’t do even half the stuff kids are doing now a days. Total disrespect for adults. Kids need an eye opener !!!!!!

    • Yes!! We as parents need to have our parenting rights left alone!! Discipline is NOT abuse, Abuse would be doing nothing at all! There’s a Difference between Discipline and abuse, IT IS NOT THE SAME!

    • Spanking a child is never acceptable. Don’t go quoting the bible on me. You can’t convince me that Jesus was for corporal punishment. Please!

    • Yes and parents do not need to be shamed for disciplining a child or correcting bad behavior in public. Not physical, verbal, or mental abuse, thats wrong on so many levels. However those that mean well for their children putting respect in their hearts and good will for others on their mines, then go for it. We are raising the next generation and its crucial to lead them down the right path. I vote for spankings being allowed. Like stated above God said Spare the rod spoil the child. Thats it. Lets change our America for our children and theirs and theirs.

    • Yes, I agree. The disrespect our youth show today is despicable. A good ole fashion spanking is what many lacked in upbringing. Parents are afraid to discipline their own children due to the law being called.

    • Absolutely, the Bible tells parents to discipline their children. So yes spank them if they need it. I hear a lot of parents say that spanking is abuse. If a person does not know the difference between spanking and abuse they should not be a parent.

    • I think more parents need spanking them the children. Parents now a days are to self centered and self absorbed to take the time to raise their children. It always about them and their needs and wants. Try putting your children and their needs and wants first. Children didn’t ask to be born. So be the parent they need and deserve. Spanking isn’t the answer. Actually doing your job as parents makes a difference. And for you who blame the government and child protective service for not being able to discipline your kids, its not. They never said your couldn’t discipline you child. Like a swat on the bottom over the child’s clothes isn’t against the law. Hitting them on the face, or bare bottom and with belts, spoons, paddles, now that’s abuse. Take class and learn how to parent. Plain and simple.

    • I agree totally!! The kids these days are growing up with no respect! I would never speak to my parents or treat my parents the way these kids today do. Including my own. They always threaten child services. Why should a stranger be able to have more say about the way you disapline YOUR child?? This world is never going to be what it used to with all the disrespect the kids today give.

    • I don’t thank people should spank there kids it is wrong if people spank there kids then grown should be spank tooo

    • Yes I agree 100% on the spanking kids have to learn one way or another. If u dnt spank them or punish them other ways the get away with things. I do it with my neices I will spank them or out them in time out and they learn from their mistakes.

    • Absolutely!!! 100% agree… The lack of spanking leads to the lack of respect and children that think they can get whatever they want and not earn it.
      Just like it’s stupid for everyone to get a trophy for participating… We need to experience winning and losing… But all this crap has made spoiled and entitled children. My 4 kids will not be that way!!! My 2 steps are, but we are trying to break that.

    • Yes I do .it teaches the kid yes I agree.a spanking aint bad.its cause you love them and want to teach them to behave and respect others.

    • Agree but some parents need 101 on this matter good ole fashioned swat on the butt OK full blown beat up over doing it NO

  2. Absolutely, since the government has in essence taken away parental rights, kids have gotten out of control and extremely disrespectful. A good old fashioned spanking on the hinny never hurt anyone irregardless of what some psychologists might say. That is why the hinny has cushioning on it.

  3. Heck yes they do! These fn liberals and kids rights . It’s not child abuse anymore it’s parent abuse now . These little fks run arround thinking there is no problem being little fkrs. Take the belt out pops take the shoe of mom.

  4. Absolutely. They have taken discipline out of the parents hands and put it in the childs hands, it needs to be put back in the parents hands.

  5. Definitely yes… My husband and I both worked full-time. As a mother of five, I was the disciplinarian. I spanked my children if they lied and they were put on restriction for other misconduct. They each had one daily chore which were rotated weekly and an extra-allowance if they wanted to do extra chores. I gave them their needs and not necessarily their wants, Their education was a priority and any bad behavior in school was not tolerated. Today, my youngest is 28 and my oldest is 38… they are all hard-working adults with decent jobs, raising families of their own… and not on welfare. I am a very proud parent of all five… and I am also blessed with eleven grandchildren.

  6. I know it is just an attention grabber, but my thought was Why would I care what Trump thinks about this. It seems to me a personal choice for each parent. If you don’t agree with spanking ,most people aren’t going to change their parenting style because Donald Trump thinks it’s a good idea.

  7. I think children should be spanked whenever they don’t behave . Bad behavior is rewarded today by giving into childrens tantrums , yes sure just give them an I- Pad to shut them up , But that’s who’s raising kids these days , the less than intelligent people we allow to breed . I think that no one should be allowed to have more than 2 children just like China , when will people learn this planet can not sustain or feed all that we have now .

  8. Yes, and daily if needed, spankings give children direction, they’re innocent and have no knowledge of their wrong doing.

  9. Yes some do my kids hate when I sit them down next to me and look them in the eyes and talk one on one with them puts them in tears every time, but if they’ve bullied another kids or was racist toward another, or stolen or something really bad like that I’d give them that old fashion ass whoopen. I just lucky that the only call I get from the school is how nice my kids are and their good helpers. As parents that’s what you want to hear my youngest was bullied but still helped her bullies when they needed it.

  10. Children are not moral, logical adults. To treat them as such is baffling and fundamentally wrong. Their should be limits, but their should also be a general consensus regarding this issue. We have a duty to guide the younger generation, yet how will we do so when they don’t understand discipline? “Marte Suo Tutus”.

  11. I was spanked as a child, but ONLY when I deserved it. And I learned real quick to do the things that were expected of me and I wouldn’t get my butt whipped. Don’t back talk, respect your elders, do as you are told and asked, have manners. And that is the problem with this world today, kids are not taught to have respect. The government won’t let us correct our kids , but then they want to blame us when they act out. I am a mother of 5 kids ages range from 26 to 10 yrs old, my oldest 3 have turned out to be very respectful young adults, but my youngest two have a bit of attitude and that’s because with my first 3, when they got out of line, I took control RIGHT then, yes they got there butts whipped. With my younger 2, they have been taught that if you touch them CPS will be called and they will be taken away. WHat do you do???? Correct them, put them in TIME OUT…..thats a JOKE. Pass a law giving us parents or rights back to raise RESPECTFUL kids.

      • Amen preach that one . The government needs to get there pri priorities straight because when they were children they probably went through the same thing but they didn’t get in trouble if their parents didn’t get in trouble so why do we get in trouble this Society is outrageous and I just I don’t know but Donald Trump needs to pass this I did not vote for him but this needs to be voted into Congress make it a law that we are allowed to spank our children if needed spare the rod spoil the child let us teach our children respect honesty loving compassionate and most of all morals do unto others as they would do unto you swallow your pride be a leader not a follower we got to save our children because if we don’t bad things would happen jail anything so the government really really needs to open their eyes and see they went through the same thing if they were bad they know they got a spanking so why take it from us they’re no better than us I don’t care if your president I don’t care if you’re a vice president mayor you’re still normal and you still went through what we go through now so open your eyes like that wolf from your eyes

    • Agree 100%. My mother would send us to the back yard to get a branch off of this huge heather bush. If we didn’t get a big one, we really got it. That branch would wrap around a leg. One strike was all it took to get the point across. My mother was a great mom. She did special things for us, helped us learn, cheered us on and supported us. I didn’t know about abusive parents until I grew up and out! I remember seeing a commercial, “did you get yelled at today? that’s abuse! and you don’t have to take it!: And just how freaking long is my fuse supposed to be? Believe me, my rear kept out of trouble because I knew what I’d get when I got home! That respect carried over to teachers, friends, other adults and the police.

  12. All three of my children are educated, with successful careers.
    They were spanked!
    My sons, received a paddle once when they were 18 for a smart mouth!
    I have a very close relationship with all of my kids.
    Respect! It must be given if not it must be taught!
    I was spanked as a child, and it did not hurt me.

  13. Yes. I was spanked, but only when I was really bad, like stealing from a store when I was 13. Parents took turns putting the smackdown on me, and I never stole again.

  14. That’s what’s wrong with today’s kids, touch me and I will call the cops! Well call them, here’s the phone and I’m going to spank your ass till they get here and if you don’t like it then pack your shit and go with them. Problem is they don’t want them either but they want to tell you how to raise them. BULLSHIT! Respect in this generation doesn’t exist. Send them to the military and let them raise them! How about that for you smart mouth disrespectful kids

  15. Yes i agree when the government took our parents rites away we the children suffered from it now we the children are we the screwed up adults so we the people need our rights back

  16. Yes..I think kids should get a spanking when needed. When I grew up my brother and I never got spanked but new better …I had 3 kids only spanked the middle son for going into the street but he was warned he would get one.

  17. I agree 100 percent. The laws need to change so us parents can get our control back to our children. I was spanked and punished and I lived through it and i have respect for everyone.

  18. I was spanked as a child. My children were spanked. I have three children. They are all under 35 years of age. Well behaved, responsible, and respectful.
    Put prayer and disapline back in school and in the homes. They don’t need a time out yhey need to be loved and shown the meaning of love. Actions speak louder than words

  19. Definitely yes. There is a difference between a spanking and abuse. Made us better people. And now we have jobs.. and respect for others.

  20. Spare the rod,spoil the child.thats what God parents should have whipped me more for the stuiped stuff I done.they did whip me and I turned out to be a good man.i respected my parents and my elders.

  21. Yes most definately spanking is not abuse as some ssy. Children today have no respect for anything because they know yur not gonna do anything but talk, talking don’t always work . we were spanked as a child and we learned repect , manners etc. Kids these days have none! Debbie

  22. Yes I TOTALLY AGREE with spanking children. I got spanked as a child. Not being able to spank children these days are the reason they act so terrible, do the wrong things, do what they want because if the parents touch them they go to jail and that’s wrong period! Tear their butts up like we got and show them who is boss. Maybe then they won’t act the way they do now!

  23. Yes. I agree. Kids now days are out of control, they don’t listen and have zero respect for their parents or elders. Spanking a child for misbehavior as a last resort, and I do not mean that children should be beaten or that spanking should be the only consequence ever used. What I mean is, if you have a child and they are old enough and mature enough that they should be able to understand wrong from right and they still act as though they are two…then evidently your method of punishment is not working. And spanking may be an alternative. It is definitely something you should research and evaluate and should be discussed with your spouse and the child’s pediatrician.

  24. If there were more spankings I believe there would be less disrespectful children growing up and thinking it’s OK and the world owes them

  25. What’s wrong ring with these kids now days they don’t know what a good old fashion ass whooping is. Everyone scared ? of their kids .. Best believe mine got soankings and are great kids.

  26. It is OK to spank to teach them how to be respectful and well mannered but Dcs calls us bad parents when we make our kids mind they holler abuse I got spanked when I was growing up it didn’t hurt me or cause trauma it made me into a responsible young women who didn’t go out and get into mischief like kids of today and Dcs thinks time out is Displine enough now if you spank children Dcs comes in and removes them from the home it ain’t fair to the children or parents that’s trying to raise their children right from wrong

  27. Is there any way Mr Trump you can help a desperate mom get her children back Dcs took them out school without my permission or me knowing left me worried wondering why the bus didn’t bring them home and I call the police for help and didn’t receive any help then 3 hours later Dcs called and told me they had my children with no warrant they just took my children haven’t been able to get them back could you please see it in heart to help please it has been 8 years and they were adopted I have no vision no contact please find it in your heart I love my kids very much and miss them And I want them back home??

  28. I absolutely agree!!! My parents spanked me and I spanked my kids and it works when done PROPERLY and then taking time to explain to your kids after a spanking why they were spanked, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THAT YOU LOVE THEM!!!
    President Trump is absolutely right and this is just another reason why he was elected by the American people, and another practice if implemented by parents across this nation will help “Make America Great Again”!!!

  29. Yes I do agree with our beloved President Mr Donald J Trump on this matter for the greater construction of the up coming generation.

  30. I may be old fashioned but the fear of god was put in to me at an early stage i guess you could say by my parents. It has had a positive effect on my respect for what is right through the years. It has gotten to a point now that parents can not discipline their children now for the fear that someone will report them for child abuse for just spanking their child when they needed it.

  31. No. My child’s body, is not mine to spank. I wouldn’t want to teach them that its okay to give or receive physical punishment. All criminals have been spanked…. all of them.
    What’s wrong in America is we’ve all been spanked and now we think not spanking is the problem. Ridiculously stupid. There are more parents who spank, then don’t. What does that say?

    • You are what is wrong with society Pam. I got my ass torn up when I was young for disobeying, disregarding,and disrespecting the rules set forth by those responsible for my upbringing. An upbringing I must say,helped to make me the person I am today. Never did I view these ass whippings as abuse ir cruelty. If I was gettin it….. I knew I had done something to warrant it. Wear their asses out I say.

  32. Hell yes we would not have a bunch of snowflake collage kids acting like they are if their parents did their jobs and whipped their ass instead of giving them trophies

  33. YES !!! This generation is the most disrespectful ever. Spanking is not abuse….spare the rod, spoil the child, I believe in this. Not hitting my child with a rod but spanking their butt and I raised to respectful daughters that I’m very proud of. That’s more than a lot of mothers that keep bail money handy can say. Discipline is not abuse when you love your children enough to discipline them.

  34. Fully agree! Had my father not disciplined me, I’d probably be in jail or dead! Kids nowadays have no respect for anyone! Put discipline back in the hands of parents! Discipline, a swat on the ass to get their attention, not a beating!!!

  35. Yes I agree, I was spanked, my kids where spanked probably needed a few more than they got and my grandkids get spankings. It’s all how you spank a child, there is a difference in spanking and beating. Nothing wrong with a good old fanishion spanking.

  36. I was spanked as a child and I also got the belt and i never told my dad fuck you again and my kids will not let them be like that to anyone not even to me or their father they need to be taught to respect anyone and that means their teacher’s, cop’s, and elders and any color person

  37. Yes 100% agree the total lack of respect from kids these days is directly linked to the taking away of corporal punishment in schools and parents thinking they can’t spank their own children, or those that simply wont for whatever reason. There has always been that fine line in the sand of respect in my family where as a child you may have gotten your but busted but in doing so you learned respect and that pain memory response kicked in and you didn’t do whatever it was again and you learned that when your elders spoke your full name or their tone of voice changed that was the last straw before you got your butt busted. My generation knew that fine line in the sand and we knew respect for our parents and others older than ourselves, we didn’t act like wild animals in the jungles like today’s kids do, we didn’t dare raise our voices to our parents or teachers and we sure as hell didn’t go around destroying stores or homes. Today’s kids need a harsh reality check, for some it is too late sadly.

  38. Yes. Absolutely! I grew up with spankings. My children grew up with switchings. A keen switch from a bush will do wonders. After the first switching, all you need to do is threaten to get a switch. The child or childten will straighten their act up quickly!

  39. Yes i do strongly believe with a spanking they will learn respect, responsibility and not have to be corrected by a correctional officer if all parents would correct there own children !!!

  40. Why don’t we smack the stupid ass parents and wake them up at how badly they are parenting these children. It’s the parents allowing the to behave so poorly

  41. I believe they do. Not just letting them do whatever they want and whenever they want. They need to have dicipline (er whatever) and a good old fashioned spanking will do just fine. I came out fine and have respect for authority unlike the kids nowadays…

  42. Yes! Spare the rod spoil the child! CPS needs to back out they are sticking their noses in places they don’t belong and taking kids that don’t need to be removed and there is more harm in these safe homes than the home they were in with their parents. Was parents need the ability to punish our children and make them into respectful adults without fear of CPS stepping in. No more cry baby’s I didn’t get my way life sucks grow up.

  43. Yes I agree with spanking as long as it doesnt cross the line and go overboard. Sometimes parents may unintentionally go a little overboard with it BUT that’s how we learn to adjust and make sure not to do it again. I spank my kids when I have to tell them 3-4 times to do something and after I try time out sitting down or standing in the corner. Yes it still hurts me a little inside when I have to spank them but I have to teach them that they have to be respectful, use their manners, and what’s right from wrong. Sometimes a spanking is what gets the point across. I was spanked as a child and I’m a healthy respectful adult. Yea it hurt when it happened but it didn’t kill me. So yes spankings are needed!!!

  44. 100% agree kids now day have it stuck in there heads that if you spank them it’s child abuse. They also think they can do what they want . I’m always hearing about jails and prisons being over crowed they better start building bigger one Cuz with the direction kids are going well r gonna need them

    • Dhs took my husbands kids and gave them to his ex because the kids wanted to lie and say things all because we have rules and consequences and she doesn’t. Well needless to say one has had 2 broken arms and the other has been referred to oja 2 times all because they are not being watched. But dhs will not do anything to her we have called and called

  45. Donald Trump is the only one here that needs a good old fashioned spanking. Kids need parents who pay attention. Lazy parents spank their children. Good parents have good communication with their children and don’t have to hit them.

  46. I absolutely agree!!! If your child can sit at the doctor’s office and smack you cause they aren’t getting their way then why can’t you slap them back??? I grew up with spankings and I would never have laid a hand on one of my parents… that’s why children are so disrespectful and think they can do whatever they want now a days…

  47. If trump got spanked it did not teach him how to treat women. Did he treat his mom with respec?there are many things to do to teach our children right from wrong. Spanking is teaching hitting. The most important thing to help our children is for both parents to be with their children and talk to them. Better yet children need parents to listen to them. Really listen

  48. Not an easy question to answer — some children will not obey or respect no matter what method of discipline is meted out to them. Others just need a talking to. However, if spanking is administered it should not be the first order of business. It should be a last resort. But it should be done only as discipline not as a matter of taking anger out on you. Too many bad experiences with spanking makes children resentful, fearful and anxious. Also makes them feel less loved, inadequate and makes them feel they are worthless. Mature parents who are confident in themselves and not erratic makes all the difference. Not an easy question to answer.

  49. Yes I agree. Every child needs a good spanken when he or she has done wrong. Also to straighten up their attitudes be more respectful of others and themselves

  50. You should be able to spank a child I was an abused child and got overly spayed and I still believe that children should be spanked appropriately even in school they should bring back the paddle I had was paddled once at school and I never misbehaved again I think the discipline and lies with proper training and parenting techniques with those that could be at risk for abuse does a good old fashioned spankin really going to help yes it will I already asked my teenagers if they would have got spanked if they would have reacted differently and they said yes but because they know they can’t get spanked and all we can do is put them in time out or we’ll get in trouble they can do what they do and that was just from more than one my teenagers that I asked we actually did a study on my son’s whole class and basically got the same answer except for a couple kids that work Catholic and some that were another religion that still get spankings and they were respectful kids

  51. In my opinion if I was able to beat my kids asses then they wouldn’t be total rotten disrespectful little brats.. But you can’t hardly say or do anything to your child cuz the state will be up your ass

  52. I definitely believe that spankings are necessary. I think the state of things with these college age kids today is a direct result of the decline of spankings and rise of these time outs. I’m not saying spank them every time they misbehave but a few good whooping starting young and then they know that is what’s on the table if they do wrong.

  53. Heck yes mouthy disrespectful children these days talk to there parents like dogs I back handed mine if they disrespected anyone and they turned out good. Kids these days need a good old spanking

  54. My daughters are so out of control that I’ve considered foster care for 2 out of 3. Counseling hasn’t worked. I feel if the state is going to dictate how we can punnish, they should provide alternatives at no charge to the parents. All states should have a Scared Straight program. I am so sick of hearing, “If you raised them better, they wouldn’t act like that.” I’m a single parent. If the state made sure I got my child support, then maybe I could afford to omly work one job so I could be home more to reinforce. Many failed systems and too much blame on the parents when too much is out of our control.

  55. Yes I think we should be able to discipline our child. In a way that gets there attention. Grounding them our time out can work for some things at some ages but not all. Now I grant you there is a difference between spanking your child and giving them a “smack down” or such things. those should not happen. But, we do need to be able to discipline our children. Usually once it starts you wont have to do it very often

  56. Of course. There is a major difference between a spanking a child and beating a child. The world would be a much better place if people would discipline their children appropriately instead of allowing the judicial system, state departments, and any other non custodian parents or interference from any one. I was spanked…my kids were spanked. And none of my family is abusive. Nor neglected. We have respect for other and manners, which is a rarity these days.

  57. Yes I agree a good old fashioned as whooping is what some children need this generation does not respect their parent. That why they don’t respect Authority start with disrespecting Parents Teachers Adults peers woman policemen and lastly Judges.and they end up where you have to respect everyone and the rrules or pay with your life JAIL SMH

  58. Heck yes….it’s about time someone was in office with values! This generation is out of control because they think they can do whatever they want!

  59. I wish I had received my spankings when I was a kid………it’s needed in today’s society even more now! Bring em’ back!

  60. Yes I agree because look at the jails these days they are so full because of the disrespect that is coming out of the kids and if you don’t start now they will end up in prison because they didn’t learn to respect other like they should have

  61. Yes, I believe that all children need disciplined and loved. We always make sure to hug our kids after a spanking and tell them we love them and if they would listen or wouldn’t have done what they know they weren’t supposed to in the first place they wouldn’t have to worry about getting spanked. We never do it in anger and the older they get the less spankings they should get because they should be behaving better, if your doing it right. Discipline and the KJV bible go hand in hand. How can you raise a child to be respectful, loving, kind etc if we aren’t examples of these characteristics as well? Influence is a HUGE factor in parenting and guess who kids look up to the most? That’s right, parents. With that being said, how can parents be the good example our kids need without first knowing the love of Christ? Our example should be Jesus Christ and we should be in God’s word daily for how -to’s, as parents.

  62. Yes….they should get a good spanking…but not to the point to where it becomes abuse!!!! There is a way to spank and a way to spank if you know what I am talking about!!!!

  63. I think that a spanking is needed once in a while when every other form of punishment has failed. This is the only time that Donald Trump has made any sense.

  64. yes I agree we need the spanking law back cause kids need it some times and we can’t now days cause everything abuse there is a difference in spanking and beating a child ! most parents are scared to spank there kids cause of Cps thinking it’s child abuse ! in my eyes this need to be a law that parents are allow

  65. Yes discipline is a necessary part in child development. Without it the child the home falls apart. I know some parents out there go WAAAAAAAY to far, but not every parent is scarring their kids for life. Discipline is learning right from wrong. Otherwise they won’t be able to be our future. They’ll still be sucking their thumbs crying about how life is so unfair to them while destroying the lives of others.

  66. Yes!! That’s what’s wrong with kids today they’re allowed to do whatever they want hey when you try to discipline them they’re always thread to call the law it’s not okay to beat your kids.but We should be allowed to discipline her kids should they will grow up to respect this and to respect others that’s why kids hit their parents and do drugs because we’re not allowed to discipline our children because our children thinks it’s okay to get away with it because we’re not allowed to spank them. I want my son to do best in law.I want him to respect me and his dad and other people

  67. Yes I think spanking is okay as long as it is done on the backside the right way. I also think that paddling should be brought back in schools for some of the unruly children so they will know Who is in charge.( I have a child like that)

  68. Yes, I believe in spankings, discipline has been removed from the parents/teachers and now the students think they can do whatever they want.

  69. Heck yea I agree with him.!!! Never hurt us growing up.. That’s why we have so many children acting disrespectful and end up being hellions..

  70. Yes I agree that some of the kids out here need good old fashioned ass whooping this generation is totally disrespectful and have no morals about them selves not only that but legalize a fist fight so some of the idiots in the world can be dealt with

  71. I think they should be spanked for their misbehavior. I’ve always spanked mine and will continue to discipline my kids.

  72. I think it’s ok to fan a hinny. But when it’s brought into the schools and what not, no way. Only the parent should have means to lay hand on there child. Nobody else.

  73. Research in child psychology has shown that spanking is not significantly more effective than nonviolent means for discipline and controlling behavior (with a few studies even showing it can have a negative impact on their mental health, but that might take longer to form a conclusive result). But please, the sex offender commander-in-chief thinks it’s good, so let’s just agree to all spank our kids instead of using empirically supported methods of raising children.

  74. As an adult that was spanked, I’m thankful! I’m thankful that my parents swatted my tush! I never felt like I was being abused or shamed. I never thought it was violence or abuse. I never looked at it as hitting. Praise God I was raised by parents who knew how to set boundaries and consequences when I over stepped those boundaries.

  75. No ! That’s why you use ” time out “. Spanking only intimidates & scares a child It Also confuses them . Using physical force to teach a child right from wrong is wrong on so many levels . Some of you need parenting classes or maybe watch a few shows
    Of ” The Nanny ” you may Learn something.

  76. I agree to spank and there is a difference between spanking and abuse. The kids will disagree of course because they don’t want to be spanked, but sometimes what they want isn’t what they need. I think spanking is good for children and will teach them the cause and effect. The schools should bring it back as well.

  77. I totally agree – kids are out of control today and they know if you raise a hand to them they can call the authorities. Govt. changed everything when they took away our parental rights.

  78. i agree with spanking on the butt but anywhere else no i also disagree on child abuse thought so spank the kid if grounding does not work but 1 nor 2 good swats on the butt

  79. If a child of one or two reaches for the stove or scissors a slight tap on the back of the hand is OK. They are not really old enough to understand why they shouldn’t touch it. Other than that, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Only a bully hits someone else ever. It will work in getting your child to behave, because they fear you, not because they are learning to understand what is right or wrong. Parenting is hard work and there are no shortcuts.

  80. I agree 100%. It’s state HR departments that need a new set of guidelines to fallow. Like separating a family that need rehabilitation of some sort should stop. We will punish you by traumatizing you children mentally is not the way either. GO TRUMP!! GO DR. PHIL!!

  81. Yes I think all children need this point in their life because they all think they can get over on their parents these days and disrespectful and do not know any manners or anything I think they should bring it back and if my child gets Outta line they will get a spanking too and that’s the what I think of that

  82. The voting link must be broken as it did not work. A spanking is good at times. Always remember there is a difference in discipline (spanking) and abuse (beating).

  83. Never spank a infant or toddler. Older children should be given a swat if necessary and take away their priveleges. None should be beaten with a rod.
    All children are not out of hand some of them are. Children follow the example set by their parents. I have seen to many cases where babies up to 3 and 4 year old have been beaten to death and the parents insist it was just a spanking.
    My children turned out to be hard working members of society and they were never spanked. They were made to sit on a chair, stand in a corner or lose their priveleges.

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