Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree? (VOTE)

Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree? (VOTE)

With kids being more disrespectful than ever, Trump has expressed that sometimes kids need a spank to get ’em in line. Do you agree with him? Vote in our poll below and have your voice heard!

Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree (VOTE)

Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree (VOTE)

70 thoughts on “Donald Trump Thinks Some Kids NEED a GOOD Old Fashioned Spanking, Do You Agree? (VOTE)

  1. Absolutely! The Gov’t agencies have taken our rights away to discipline our children since 911 was started and this has caused much of our parenting to go in a total wrong direction; kids need to have boundaries and rules need to be followed in order to raise respectful and productive youth.

  2. Absolutely, since the government has in essence taken away parental rights, kids have gotten out of control and extremely disrespectful. A good old fashioned spanking on the hinny never hurt anyone irregardless of what some psychologists might say. That is why the hinny has cushioning on it.

  3. Heck yes they do! These fn liberals and kids rights . It’s not child abuse anymore it’s parent abuse now . These little fks run arround thinking there is no problem being little fkrs. Take the belt out pops take the shoe of mom.

  4. Absolutely. They have taken discipline out of the parents hands and put it in the childs hands, it needs to be put back in the parents hands.

  5. Definitely yes… My husband and I both worked full-time. As a mother of five, I was the disciplinarian. I spanked my children if they lied and they were put on restriction for other misconduct. They each had one daily chore which were rotated weekly and an extra-allowance if they wanted to do extra chores. I gave them their needs and not necessarily their wants, Their education was a priority and any bad behavior in school was not tolerated. Today, my youngest is 28 and my oldest is 38… they are all hard-working adults with decent jobs, raising families of their own… and not on welfare. I am a very proud parent of all five… and I am also blessed with eleven grandchildren.

  6. I know it is just an attention grabber, but my thought was Why would I care what Trump thinks about this. It seems to me a personal choice for each parent. If you don’t agree with spanking ,most people aren’t going to change their parenting style because Donald Trump thinks it’s a good idea.

  7. I think children should be spanked whenever they don’t behave . Bad behavior is rewarded today by giving into childrens tantrums , yes sure just give them an I- Pad to shut them up , But that’s who’s raising kids these days , the less than intelligent people we allow to breed . I think that no one should be allowed to have more than 2 children just like China , when will people learn this planet can not sustain or feed all that we have now .

  8. Yes, and daily if needed, spankings give children direction, they’re innocent and have no knowledge of their wrong doing.

  9. Yes some do my kids hate when I sit them down next to me and look them in the eyes and talk one on one with them puts them in tears every time, but if they’ve bullied another kids or was racist toward another, or stolen or something really bad like that I’d give them that old fashion ass whoopen. I just lucky that the only call I get from the school is how nice my kids are and their good helpers. As parents that’s what you want to hear my youngest was bullied but still helped her bullies when they needed it.

  10. Children are not moral, logical adults. To treat them as such is baffling and fundamentally wrong. Their should be limits, but their should also be a general consensus regarding this issue. We have a duty to guide the younger generation, yet how will we do so when they don’t understand discipline? “Marte Suo Tutus”.

  11. I was spanked as a child, but ONLY when I deserved it. And I learned real quick to do the things that were expected of me and I wouldn’t get my butt whipped. Don’t back talk, respect your elders, do as you are told and asked, have manners. And that is the problem with this world today, kids are not taught to have respect. The government won’t let us correct our kids , but then they want to blame us when they act out. I am a mother of 5 kids ages range from 26 to 10 yrs old, my oldest 3 have turned out to be very respectful young adults, but my youngest two have a bit of attitude and that’s because with my first 3, when they got out of line, I took control RIGHT then, yes they got there butts whipped. With my younger 2, they have been taught that if you touch them CPS will be called and they will be taken away. WHat do you do???? Correct them, put them in TIME OUT…..thats a JOKE. Pass a law giving us parents or rights back to raise RESPECTFUL kids.

  12. All three of my children are educated, with successful careers.
    They were spanked!
    My sons, received a paddle once when they were 18 for a smart mouth!
    I have a very close relationship with all of my kids.
    Respect! It must be given if not it must be taught!
    I was spanked as a child, and it did not hurt me.

  13. Yes. I was spanked, but only when I was really bad, like stealing from a store when I was 13. Parents took turns putting the smackdown on me, and I never stole again.

  14. That’s what’s wrong with today’s kids, touch me and I will call the cops! Well call them, here’s the phone and I’m going to spank your ass till they get here and if you don’t like it then pack your shit and go with them. Problem is they don’t want them either but they want to tell you how to raise them. BULLSHIT! Respect in this generation doesn’t exist. Send them to the military and let them raise them! How about that for you smart mouth disrespectful kids

  15. Yes i agree when the government took our parents rites away we the children suffered from it now we the children are we the screwed up adults so we the people need our rights back

  16. Yes..I think kids should get a spanking when needed. When I grew up my brother and I never got spanked but new better …I had 3 kids only spanked the middle son for going into the street but he was warned he would get one.

  17. I agree 100 percent. The laws need to change so us parents can get our control back to our children. I was spanked and punished and I lived through it and i have respect for everyone.

  18. I was spanked as a child. My children were spanked. I have three children. They are all under 35 years of age. Well behaved, responsible, and respectful.
    Put prayer and disapline back in school and in the homes. They don’t need a time out yhey need to be loved and shown the meaning of love. Actions speak louder than words

  19. Definitely yes. There is a difference between a spanking and abuse. Made us better people. And now we have jobs.. and respect for others.

  20. Spare the rod,spoil the child.thats what God parents should have whipped me more for the stuiped stuff I done.they did whip me and I turned out to be a good man.i respected my parents and my elders.

  21. Yes most definately spanking is not abuse as some ssy. Children today have no respect for anything because they know yur not gonna do anything but talk, talking don’t always work . we were spanked as a child and we learned repect , manners etc. Kids these days have none! Debbie

  22. Yes I TOTALLY AGREE with spanking children. I got spanked as a child. Not being able to spank children these days are the reason they act so terrible, do the wrong things, do what they want because if the parents touch them they go to jail and that’s wrong period! Tear their butts up like we got and show them who is boss. Maybe then they won’t act the way they do now!

  23. Yes. I agree. Kids now days are out of control, they don’t listen and have zero respect for their parents or elders. Spanking a child for misbehavior as a last resort, and I do not mean that children should be beaten or that spanking should be the only consequence ever used. What I mean is, if you have a child and they are old enough and mature enough that they should be able to understand wrong from right and they still act as though they are two…then evidently your method of punishment is not working. And spanking may be an alternative. It is definitely something you should research and evaluate and should be discussed with your spouse and the child’s pediatrician.

  24. If there were more spankings I believe there would be less disrespectful children growing up and thinking it’s OK and the world owes them

  25. What’s wrong ring with these kids now days they don’t know what a good old fashion ass whooping is. Everyone scared 😳 of their kids .. Best believe mine got soankings and are great kids.

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