Doctors Identify How Teen Died From Hickey

Doctors Identify How Teen Died From Hickey

A teen has died of a stroke after his girlfriend gave him a hickey, which caused a blood clot.

According to The Sun, 17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez began convulsing at the dinner table. His parents called paramedics, but when they arrived at the scene, they were unable to save him. He died shortly after.

Doctors Identify How Teen Died From Hickey

Doctors Identify How Teen Died From Hickey

Authorities believe that the Julio’s girlfriend gave him a hickey earlier that evening, which caused a blood clot that then travelled to his brain. It is believed that the suction from the hickey was the cause of the clot. When the blood clot went to his brain, it triggered a stroke.

Gonzalez’s family is placing the blame on his 24-year-old girlfriend. His girlfriend has disappeared, however.

The incident is not the first time a hickey has harmed somebody. According to AWM, in New Zealand, in 2016, a 44-year-old woman lost the ability to move her arm. Shortly after, she suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. When doctors examined her, they spotted a faded hickey and believed instantly that that was the cause.

Fortunately, the woman survived, but it took time and a bit of physical therapy in order for her to fully recover.

Hickeys, or love bites, occur when one sucks on part of a lover’s skin, most commonly on the neck. The suction causes blood vessels to break, leaving behind a bruise.

According to AWM, bruising from a a love bite can last for up to two weeks. Hickeys rarely lead to cases as serious as the two cited above, but it is possible for similar injuries to occur as a result.

Readers shared their thoughts on the incident and on love bites in general on the Shared Facebook page.

“While it may have happened to ONE person it isn’t factual for ALL people – Why do people believe everything they read without fact checking ?? If you GOOGLE it – while it COULD happen you would have to suck on the carotid-artery and break it for it to actually cause death,” one reader commented. “But I do think there are better ways to show love to a partner than making bruises all over their body – it kinda says – um Trashy?”

“In the UK they are called a love bite,” another user wrote. “Never liked them myself I always put my hand across my neck if ever my boyfriend ( now my Husband) tried to do one.”

Sources: AWM, The Sun, Shared/Facebook / Photo Credit: Janek B via Wikimedia Commons

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