Dad Learns What Daughter Did, Decides To Teach Her A Lesson

Dad Learns What Daughter Did, Decides To Teach Her A Lesson

When a father learned that his daughter had been skipping school, he thought of the perfect plan to embarrass her as punishment.

According to The Sun, a father shared a photo on Reddit of the hysterical way he punished his daughter after he learned that she had been skipping school.

The father was surprised when he was told by his daughter’s school that she decided to skip, so he knew he had to come up with a plan to teach her a lesson that she would remember. He did just that.

Girl Skips School, Dad Teaches Her A Lesson (Photo)

Girl Skips School, Dad Teaches Her A Lesson (Photo)

The father decided to embarrass his daughter as a way to make sure she knows never to skip school again. He walked her to school one day – while wearing a dress.

“So my daughter got caught skipping school yesterday,” the father wrote in the original post. “So this morning I walked her all the way to the front door of the school to make sure she didn’t miss another day.”

A photo of the father and daughter, which features the dad in a dress and his daughter by his side, crying, quickly went viral. The post sparked many others sharing their own stories of either being embarrassed by their parents or embarrassing their own children.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the Mad World News Facebook page.

“She got off easy all night one when I cut School and 9th grade my mom decided that being mad at the school because they couldn’t keep me there when she got me there and me leaving when I got there she decided she would sit in every classroom with me all day never cut school again,” one user commented.

“Awesome dad. Child abuse my ass. We have parents now that cant deal with their kids,” another user commented. “Thats why we have kids that are always in trouble, can’t read, can’t do math. How dumb can you get. Do you think you would have that nice red shiney car if your parents did teach YOU right from wrong?”

“Thats how I threatened my teenage son when he was misbehaving in school…I said I would walk him to all his classes in my old bath robe …no makeup…hair in curlers …hangover…he got the picture,” another viewer wrote.

“Bet she will think twice before she skips school again,” a viewer commented. “Lessons to be learned. Go dad. More dads should pay attention to what their kids are doing.”

Sources: The Sun, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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