CNN: Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims [VIDEO]

CNN: Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims [VIDEO]

Part of the insanity from the Left this past election has been the claim that we’re going to see a wave of anti-Muslim bigotry sweep the nation if Trump were to win the election. He did win, and we haven’t seen such a wave. We’ve only seen a number of over-hyped anecdotes, few which had actually been reported to police, and many which existed no where except on social media.

CNN Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims [VIDEO]

CNN Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims [VIDEO]

It’s hilarious, because Trump got three times as many votes from Muslims than Mitt Romney. If Trump is a gigantic Islamophobe, Muslims certainly don’t seem to think so. But the media narrative persists. Now CNN, the Clinton News Network, is jumping on the bandwagon. As the Daily Caller reported, Americans should wear hijabs to show solidarity with Muslim women who fear being attacked for wearing the religious head covering, according to CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota.

“Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim,” Camerota said during an early-morning broadcast on CNN’s “New Day.”

“Maybe it’s the way people shave their heads, you know, sometimes in solidarity with somebody who is going through something,” she added.

Camerota was responding to a CNN segment about Muslim women who say they live in fear of being verbally or physically attacked for wearing head scarves.

I’m a bit confused as to what the logic is here. “We think Muslims are going to get attacked for wearing headscarves, so let’s get even more women to wear them and put them in danger!”

Of course, The segment tied a spate of alleged incidents in which Muslim women have been targeted for wearing hijabs to Donald Trump’s presidential win. “The Trump Transition: Fearful Muslim women take steps to be safe,” read the chyron that CNN chose for the segment.
Enough will the drama already. Why don’t liberals stop with this nonsense and get back to doing what they’re best at, like defending dictators like Fidel Castro.

15 thoughts on “CNN: Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims [VIDEO]

  1. Bonatto: Esta entrada no menciona ninguna maldición; posiblemente te estás refiriendo a la "maldición de los gobernadores" que menciono en otra entrada del blog. Con respecto a eso no veo nada lógico decir que el hecho de que gobernadores de la provincia no lleguen a la presidencia a causa de una &qiql;matdución&ouot;… mejor dejar eso por el lado de los mitos ya que no considero una "maldición de una bruja" como fundamento lógico, pero cada uno cree lo que le parece.

  2. How about they wear jeans and a nice white blouse to show solidarity to the country the live in. Women who travel to there countries are expected to cover their heads.

  3. You have got to be kiddimg!! I live in America & I follow our traditions, not to defend other countries people that hate us
    These women do what their told & Still get beat or murdered for it. There’s no respect between men & women in there countries.

  4. They just want to capitulate to the Muslims and be ruled under Shariah Law. And the idiots in the Media-Entertainment always scream about freedom over and over. I am vomiting over these crap

    • Yeah, America would never bomb innocent people and impose their backward way of life on others,
      …oh wait.
      Also, no such thing as sharia law, maybe try actually talking to a Muslim rather than buying the bullshit the media feeds you in terror porn

      • No such thing as the Sharia?Are you kidding me?Taqiyya won’t work with me!Go tell your lies to someone else. ND while I’m at it, fuck you, your book of hate(the quaran)and your profit the pedophile!

  5. She needs to be fired so that she can go live with them in their country. Don’t need her and her disgraceful a** here.

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