Clinton Supporter Rebert De Niro’s Latest Comments On Trump Spark Outrage; Did He Go Too Far?

Clinton Supporter Rebert De Niro’s Latest Comments On Trump Spark Outrage; Did He Go Too Far?

Actor Robert De Niro appeared on NBC’s “The View” on Feb. 3 to rehash his 2016 election video, saying he would like to punch President Donald Trump ”in the face.”

De Niro made this first criticism after Trump had won the Republican nomination, calling then-presidential nominee ”totally nuts,” and saying ”God help us.”

De Niro On Trump I'd Like To Punch Him In The Face

De Niro On Trump I’d Like To Punch Him In The Face

”I said that because he said that about somebody, that he would like to punch them in the face,” recalled De Niro, according to Breitbart. ”How dare he say that to the crowd. How dare he say the things he does. Of course I want to punch him in the face.”

De Niro took his guest appearance on “The View” to admit that his public criticism of Trump was not to be taken literally, according to The Daily Beast.

”It was only a symbolic thing, anyway. It wasn’t like I was going to go find him and punch him in the face,” said De Niro. ”But he’s got to hear it. He’s got to hear that, you know, that’s how he makes people feel. It’s not good to feel that way. It’s not good to start that stuff up, but at the same time sometimes when people are bullies like that, that’s what you have to do to shut them up. Bully them back.”

De Niro has made public demonstrations against Trump on other occasions, including joining other celebrities in a protest in front of Trump Tower in New York City on the day before Inauguration Day.

”When you have people going in there just to win — it’s not about winning, it’s about what’s right for the country, the people,” explained De Niro about the presidency. ”And we hear a lot of lip service about that, and even from Trump. But now is the time to see what he’s going to do. So far, it doesn’t look good.”

Former President Barack Obama was allegedly considering De Niro for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among other nominees.

”I was honored to be honored,” said De Niro of Obama’s nomination of him.

Sources: The Daily Beast, Breitbart / Photo credit: Josh Jensen/Flickr

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