Can YOU See What’s Wrong With This Image?

Can YOU See What’s Wrong With This Image?

An innocent hotel sign telling people to ‘enjoy peace of mind’ has been massively misinterpreted.
The optical illusion has gone viral on image-sharing website Imgur and has been viewed over 1.4 million times.
The picture has left the Internet divided, with some seeing a person relaxing and reading their book while others spot something much ruder going taking place.


The sign, left on display, informs people that there is an in-room safe available for people to use and store their valuables.
The image then shows a person relaxing and reading a book as they ‘enjoy peace of mind’ that their items are locked away.


Mattster092 took to Imgur to post the picture and simply said: ‘Saw this optical illusion in my hotel room.’
The Internet then responded and they were divided down the middle, with people seeing entirely different things.


Freedomofnow took to the site to ask if somebody could highlight they’re supposed to see because they couldn’t find it.
They had ‘been staring for 10 mins and nothing…’
Another agreed, writing: ‘I don’t see it. I guess I prefer reading over dirty things?’
Others, however, said they saw the rude drawing almost immediately.
Chilakuas said: ‘Yup I thought he was getting a b*****b.’
The picture even led some people to ask ‘What’s wrong with me?’ after all they saw was something rude as they stared at the image.
Somebody sarcastically joined in the conversation and wrote: ‘Wait… that’s not an oral sex line drawing?’

Others said that the artist was well-aware of what they were doing and did it on purpose.
RobbieRSQ wrote: ‘He’s enjoying a bit more than ‘peace of mind’.’
There were, of course, some people who had no idea what they should be looking at.
Crimx42 jokingly wrote: ‘Damn I suck at optical illusion puzzles, is it a dolphin?’
People were even left divided over whether it was a man or woman pictured reading the book.

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