BREAKING: Chicago Cubs Win The World Series After 108-Year Drought

BREAKING: Chicago Cubs Win The World Series After 108-Year Drought

The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series – ending a 108-year drought.
They were crowned champions in the tenth inning, beating the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in a night full of drama.
The Cubs pulled through Game 7 after a nail-biting game that was tied in the eighth inning and suffered a rain delay.


A host of celebrities including Bill Murray, LeBron James, John Cusack and Charlie Sheen were in the stands, watching the action unfold.
After Game 4, the series looked lost for the Cubs, after they fell to 3-1 down. But they capped off their unbelievable comeback on Wednesday night at Progressive Field.
Before the game, they were the two teams with the longest championships droughts in the league: Chicago with 108 years and Cleveland with 68.
For the Cubs, the pain is over. For the Indians, it continues for another year.


A boisterous sellout crowd — nearly half of them rooting for Chicago — packed Progressive Field an hour before the first pitch.
Revelers also stood shoulder-to-shoulder outside the ballpark, watching the game on large screens. When reliever Mike Montgomery recorded the final out in the 10th inning, Cubs fans became unglued, jumping for joy 350 miles away from their beloved Wrigley Field.
As the game moved into overtime last night, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who grew up in suburban Chicago, watched the final moments of the game on an aide’s iPad after finishing a rally in Arizona.
Shouts could be heard from the car as the Cubs completed their 8-7 victory.


One source in the Clinton camp said fellow staffer and Cubs fan Connolly Keigher took out a ‘W’ flag and passed it to the former secretary of state who held it up in celebration.
Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel posted a message of congratulations seconds after the game’s dramatic conclusion.
He said the result proved last night was ‘more than a game’.
He wrote: ‘It is about the families who have passed down a love for the Cubs from mothers and fathers to their sons and daughters, and from grandparents to grandchildren.’
President Barack Obama, who is a fan of the Cubs’ Chicago rivals, the White Sox, wrote on Twitter: ‘That’s change even this South Sider can believe in. Want to come to the White House before I leave?’

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