Boy Who Said ‘Screw Our President’ Is Famous Celeb’s Son

Boy Who Said ‘Screw Our President’ Is Famous Celeb’s Son

The identity of the boy who went viral after claiming he started a bonfire during an anti-President Donald Trump rally and said “screw our president” has been revealed (video below).

The incident occurred on Jan. 19, the night before Trump’s inauguration, Fox News reported. A reporter was covering a protest in Washington, D.C., when he approached a young boy who claimed to have started a fire.

Boy Who Said 'Screw Our President' Is Drew Carey's Son (Video)

Boy Who Said ‘Screw Our President’ Is Drew Carey’s Son (Video)

The boy identified himself as Connor. The reporter asked Connor why he started the fire, and the boy responded by saying, “Because I felt like it, and because I’m just saying, ‘Screw our president!'” clip quickly went viral.

Now TMZ is reporting that the same Connor who started the fire that night is none other than famous actor Drew Carey’s 11-year-old son.



A source close to Drew told TMZ that Connor got caught up in the emotions of the people around him that night. The source added that the actor and the boy’s mother were not happy about the language he used with the reporter.

Drew and Cannor

Drew and Cannor

The source said Connor “regretted his choice of words” after speaking with his parents. A photographer for TMZ ran into Drew that night at the rally. He reportedly had no idea his son was starting a fire and taking interviews.

Sources: Fox News, TMZ / Photo credit: CBS via Parade, Fox News, Instagram via TMZ

9 thoughts on “Boy Who Said ‘Screw Our President’ Is Famous Celeb’s Son

  1. Yeah right.If a child acts like that when his parents aren’t around you can believe his actions are a result of the views of his parents.Why is a boy of his age running around in a mob by himself? He wasn’t they were there and they knew exactly what he was doing.They should have to answer to authorities for allowing such behavior.

  2. Yep they should be investigating for teaching their child to play with fire and to insult our President if my kid s would show such disrespect they would of been punished and made to write an apology letter and drew I will no longer be watching u in anything u people are acting like trash shit full of oscummer shit can t think huh

  3. I believe a child’s actions reflect on the parents and a child whose father is a public figure should REALLY be issuing a public apology . Even though the parents use the excuse ” he was caught up in the moment ” makes it no less inexcusable . I view it as a total disrespect to our country and to our President .Can you imagine Baron Trump making that sort of statement about a world leader ? ” Certain people ” would be ready to crucify him .

  4. drew carey I am truly shocked you allow stuff like that but I guess it comes from inside the home. god I watched your show and loved it. but no like all those other Hollywood shits. we honored you and watch all your hes a bully at school too. burning the flag. how dare you and how dare your son.

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