Boy Sits During Pledge Of Allegiance, Says America Sucks – teacher Immediately Reacts

Boy Sits During Pledge Of Allegiance, Says America Sucks – teacher Immediately Reacts

A Blue Island, Illinois, high school student claimed that a teacher tried to physically pull him out of his seat after he refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Shemar Cooper told WGN-TV that he decided to sit for the pledge during his Spanish Class at Eisenhower High School. When his teacher asked him why he chose not to stand, Shemar said it was because “America sucks.”

Teen Refuses To Stand For Pledge, Says America 'Sucks'

Teen Refuses To Stand For Pledge, Says America ‘Sucks’

The young man’s mother, Kelly Porter-Turner, demanded that he apologize for his language but told him not to apologize for refusing to stand for the pledge. The issue was seemingly resolved until Shemar returned to class and once again refused to stand.

It was then that the teacher tried to pull Shemar from his seat.

His mother said she reported the incident to local police, and that she was hoping to file charges against the teacher. Her family members, she said, are proud Americans and her father served in World War II.

“We don’t hate America,” she said. “It’s the behaviors that are put out from some of the people towards Black people that we disapprove of.”

Turner said she’s proud of her son for taking a stand against police brutality and racial issues by protesting the pledge. School officials are investigating, Newsiosity reports.

“America doesn’t respect Blacks,” Shemar said. “Until they stop killing us, I’m not going to stand up.”

The story quickly went viral, with many readers criticizing the student for protesting the way he did.

“Good for the teacher. It’s to bad that teachers or actually principals can’t use the “board of education” on their butts like they use to do and many of these problems would be solved….actually if parents used it too this would solve a lot of things,” one Newsiosity reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“Need to bring back RESPECT. I understand freedom of speech. But when you disrespect the pledge of Allegiance you bring that disrespect to your family who served in the military who helped give you that right. By keeping this Country free. If you paid attention in school im sure you learned that other countries don’t have freedom of speech so you should be grateful,” another added.

Sources: WGN-TV, Newsiosity, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: WGN-TV via Newsiosity

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