Black Man Asked About Trump, His Response Goes Viral (Video)

Black Man Asked About Trump, His Response Goes Viral (Video)

A man’s takedown of anti-President Donald Trump protesters is going viral and garnering applause from people all across the country (video below).

A reporter was broadcasting live from the Women’s March in Los Angeles when he happened upon a man named Big Joe, who unleashed his true feelings on the demonstrations as well as people’s opposition to Trump.

Black Man Asked About Trump, His Response Is Shocking

Black Man Asked About Trump, His Response Is Shocking

“What did Trump do for all of this to happen? He just came into office!” Joe exclaimed. “What is this? I see signs of unity and love and peace, and yet at his inauguration, they were burning a McDonald’s, a Starbucks, limousines – anarchy in the streets. What you’re doing now, you’re gonna bring anarchy, and then you know what’s gonna happen? Martial law.”

Joe continued his rant by warning people about what could happen if they continued to protest.

“These freedoms that you’re talking about now, you’re gonna lose them. You have people in this group who are socialists, who are anti-American and anti-freedom, and they’re latching on your different causes and they’re playing on your emotions so that they can get you all riled up so that you can turn around and continue to do what you’re doing and divide the country,” he said.

The shocking interview quickly went viral, with many praising Joe for what he said.

“Thank you, Big Joe! Your a beacon of hope in a sea of snow flake insanity. They tried to shout you down and you hit them with the facts. We need more Americans like you. You are a true Patriot! God Bless you my friend!” one Mad World News reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“Your a wise man big Joe, it takes a big heart and guts to speak your mind surrounded by a bunch of brainwashed libtards, Great job, and by the way I’m not afraid of those ignorant disrespectful idiot racist liberal cowards, I’m a American with a mind of my own! Thank you Big Joe!” another added.

Sources: Millennial Action Broadcasting Network/YouTube, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: BasedinLA/YouTube

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