Black Conservative Student Reveals The Disturbing ‘Extra Credit’ His Teacher Offered

Black Conservative Student Reveals The Disturbing ‘Extra Credit’ His Teacher Offered

A Texas school district is investigating after a student claimed he was assaulted by a teacher and that students were offered extra credit if they attended anti-President Donald Trump rallies.

According to KPRC, a Houston Independent School District teacher is being investigated after an incident which occurred on Jan. 25. The district has only revealed that it received reports of possible mistreatment of a student by a teacher.

Teacher Allegedly Punched Student, Showed Political Bias

Teacher Allegedly Punched Student, Showed Political Bias

Student Christian McKneely held a news conference with his family outside of the school to accuse a teacher of assaulting the teen.

Christian said during the conference that during horse play with another student, he told the other student, “That’s gay.” The teacher then allegedly called him homophobic. Then, the student says that while explaining the incident to his father on the phone, the teacher punched him in the chest.

According to EAG News, Christian and his family will be pressing assault charges against the teacher, whom he says also showed political bias in class.

“She gave extra credit for anyone who showed up for an anti-Trump rally being held downtown,” Christian told KPRC. “I didn’t go so I didn’t get credit. I don’t know if anybody got it, but that’s what she proposed for extra credit.”

The district only confirmed that they had received reports of mistreatment, but declined to comment further. They issued a statement in response.

“We are continuing to work with the teacher and entire staff to ensure students are safe and teaching and learning continue uninterrupted,” the district’s statement reads. “The safety of our students is always our absolute top priority.”

Community activist Quanell X joined the McKneely family for the news conference and later spoke about the teacher’s alleged political bias and her stance against Trump in an interview with KTRH News Radio, according to EAG News.

“We as black people have to reexamine the relationship – where we are being pimped like prostitutes, and they’re the big pimps pimping us politically, promising us everything and we get nothing in return,” Quanell X said in the radio interview. “We gotta step back now as black people and say we’ve got look at all the parties and vote our best interests.”

Sources: KPRC, EAG News / Photo credit: KPRC via EAG News

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