7 Reasons Why Most Of The Girls Prefer Less Attractive Guys

7 Reasons Why Most Of The Girls Prefer Less Attractive Guys

Basically, it’s not about the looks.

Believe me, boys and girls will not always choose face value above anything else. The humanity and a person cannot be overweight by external ‘hotness’ or whatever physical. Choosing the right person to settle with has to be done with acritical examination of factors influencing a certain person’s life performance in general. Additionally, living a happy life with the person you selectis pushed through mainly in the name of love, other factors just follow.

Now, for men out there: if you think that no single girl would love you because of your ‘unattractive’ looks, think again. There’s a bunch of reasons these ladies can consider you. So, do not be hopeless when you think that your physical features do not fit ‘the standards.’ Just look at this list to help you boost your morale and to your own natural thing.

I like that, man!

1. Less attractive man has more time for their girl.


Of course, they would not spend hours by praising their own appearance and subscribing to vanity.

2. Less attractive man can do anything to please their girlfriend.

2Frankly speaking, he will do anything to keep you in agood tone. He will give anything you like just to please you.

3. Less attractive man have a more interesting persona.


Where will they get their good qualities aside from their character? They’ve known how to mould themselves in a very pleasing way. They also experience many events in their lives, including bashings and disappointing remarks so those make them stronger and more interesting.

4. Less attractive man will probably not dare to look at other girls.


They will definitely hate to lose you so they make sure that their eyes are all on you. You’re the most beautiful

5. Less attractive man is a ‘sure ball.’


Once you like them back, for sure, that’s an ultimate mutual understanding. Nobody will even try to penetrate and ruin your relationship. Once somebody’s on ‘my girl’ position, the line of ‘applicants’ will just close and vanish.

6. Less attractive male is a good communicator.


If they cannot express their love through their very face, they have the flowery words and wordplay to impress you anytime.

7. Less attractive man is more supportive.


They’re already contented with what’s happening in their lives. The best thing they could do is to show how much he’s proud of you no matter what. So, he’ll surely be there in your endeavours.

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