6 Teens Do This With Veteran’s Body After He Passes, Funeral Home Stunned

6 Teens Do This With Veteran’s Body After He Passes, Funeral Home Stunned

A group of teens did something shocking with the body of a Navy veteran who died without any family or friends.

Jerry Wayne Pino died in Long Beach, Mississippi, without any friends or family by his side. Pino was a 70-year-old veteran who joined the Navy in New Orleans and served in Vietnam.

Teens Do Something Shocking With Vet's Body (Photo)

Teens Do Something Shocking With Vet’s Body (Photo)

The man’s body was unclaimed for weeks at the funeral home, and worker Cathy Warden spread the word about the peculiar situation among her co-workers.

“Something had to be done with respect,” Warden told Fox News. “We had to give him what he deserved. Nobody should go alone.”

Warden’s co-worker, Eva Boomer, a veteran herself, approached students at Long Beach High School to see if they’d be willing to serve as pallbearers for Pino. Warden’s son, Bryce, told friends about the opportunity and soon put together a group of teens to serve the man who had served their country.

Bryce himself was unable to be part of the service, but he was able to find six friends to help out.

“It was the right thing to do,” 17-year-old Bailey Griffin said. “He served our country. He fought for our rights. For him to be buried with nobody there was just sad. I told myself I was going to do it and I did it.”

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For Pino’s service, the Navy provided honor guards who folded the American flag that was placed over the man’s casket. It was then presented to funeral director Jim Hudson for the service.

Hudson then gave the flag to the teens, who decided it would be best served in the locker room of their high school sports team, the Bearcats.

“It doesn’t cost anything to take some time to do something like this,” Warden told the Sun Herald. “If our young people can figure this out, our country is going in the right direction.”

Sources: Fox News, Sun Herald / Photo credit: Newsiosity, Cathy Warden via Sun Herald

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