2 Girls Attack Elderly Man, Run Off Laughing – Don’t Realize What’s About To Happen To Them (Video)

2 Girls Attack Elderly Man, Run Off Laughing – Don’t Realize What’s About To Happen To Them (Video)

An attack on a 62-year-old Syracuse, New York, man by two teenage girls was recorded by a bystander and shared to social media (video below).

On Oct. 19, Gary Martin told police he politely asked a group of teens who were in his front yard near a car he is trying to sell to move, but instead two of them allegedly assaulted him, according to a report shared by Hezakya Newz.


In the video, four girls are seen on the lawn with Martin, who is holding his cane. He bends close to one of the girls, who is wearing a red tank top and jeans, and appears to be speaking to her when she hits him in the face.

She runs away and he follows her into the street, as do the other girls. One of the girls then grabs Martin and spins him around in the street, causing his hat to fall off. He then continues to presumably chase after the girl who slapped him, with his cane raised in the air before he falls to the ground.

When Martin gets back up, he runs down the street after the girls, but does not catch up to them.

Bystanders who witnessed the incident can be heard laughing in the video.

Martin said he was punched twice by two teenage girls; he suffered a bruised eye from the attack.

Authorities arrested and charged the two teen girls, ages 14 and 15, with third-degree assault, according to WSTM.

The mother of one of the girls sent her apologies to Martin, stating that her daughter’s behavior was uncalled for. She added that her daughter will accept responsibility for her actions and whatever consequences are handed down.

The cellphone video of the attack was shared on Facebook and quickly went viral on social media. On Facebook alone, it has been viewed more than 1,000,000 times, according to WTVR.

Martin has even been contacted by family members in Ireland who saw it.

Sources: WTVR, WSTM, Hezakya Newz/YouTube / Photo credit: WTVR

12 thoughts on “2 Girls Attack Elderly Man, Run Off Laughing – Don’t Realize What’s About To Happen To Them (Video)

  1. These damn kids now have no respect for anyone. It’s good they got arrested and charged for this crime. They are being held accountable for their actions and maybe they will grow the hell up. To the people who recorded the video, you are cowards. I can’t believe that you just stood there and laughed and did nothing to help this poor man. They just antagonized the situation. To bad they didn’t get arrested to because to me it looked like they were all involved in starting trouble with this man. Sad society we are dealing with nowadays.

  2. The names and pictures of the girls need to be posted prominately, so all can see these two shameful, pathetic, sad, excuses for humanity. Pictures of the laughing by standers should be shown, large, and often, so all can see the great society. People must be held for all their actions, not helping may not be a crime, but is horribly, shamefully, cowardly, wrong.

    • Once You Swing On Me, That Gives Me The Right To Smash You. Yes I Will Defend Myself, And I Don’t Care About Y O U !!!! Once You Swing On Me, That Gives Me The Right To Smash You. Yes I Will Defend Myself, And I Don’t Give A Damn Bout Y O U!!!!

  3. This is my husband, he asked the girls to please get off our property. The girl in the red top broke his facial ocular bone and tried to get her knuckle into his eye socket. This is known as the Death punch and have killed others. The attack is called “Snowmanning”; attacking older white people. The second girl who hit him repeatedly in the head studies boxing.
    There was NOT an apology from the mother. This situation is not resolved, it is in juvenile court where we are not allowed to speak; and no one has addressed this with us. School won’t take responsibility, nor police, nor have we heard from any official except the school principal and Sargent who blew us off.
    She called him a Racist and this is a hate crime that needs to be addressed!

    • yes it is a hate crime and clearly all a set up. the sad thing is if it was a white girl hitting an elderly black man something would be done immediately and the white kids would be facing heavy consequences. The police media and school would immediately address the incident.

  4. I think everybody that was there should be charged with the same thing because they did thing, so they are equally guilty. I think the two girls should be trailed as an adult. If it was two white girls on a black man, they would have.

  5. Typical black bitches have no respect for anyone, try that in front of me and my female roommate and they will soon get the same treatment. If a woman hits a man deserves to get hit back. You black girls be glad your in NY and not in MN you won’t get away with it.

  6. It is disgusting, deplorable, chickenshit filth like this who give African American’s a bad name. It is high time for the decent, civilised, law abiding African American’s to rise up and denounce this sort of behaviour and hate spewing groups like BLM etc.

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