1 Student Gets Offended By Costume Teacher Has Worn For 18 Years, Now He’s About To Be Fired (Photo)

1 Student Gets Offended By Costume Teacher Has Worn For 18 Years, Now He’s About To Be Fired (Photo)

A high school teacher in Seattle has been put on paid leave after dressing up as Michael Jordan on Halloween.

Math teacher Peter Colino wore a rubber mask, a jersey with Jordan’s number 23, and black gloves to school, KIRO reported.

Colino said he had worn the same costume for 18 years on Halloween as a way to motivate students in his class.


He told them Jordan was coming to visit, then walked in the next day in costume and played a highlight video of Jordan’s career.

“He is, to me, the greatest, I’m going to say, athlete of all time and my whole deal is to honor Michael Jordan,” Colino told KIRO.

A parent issued a complaint after a video of Colino was circulated around the school. The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, received a screenshot from her son and forwarded it to The Stranger.

“He’s never texted me while he was at school, [but] he sent me the picture and I was just floored,” the woman told The Stranger. “I couldn’t even believe the lapse of judgment.”

The principal sent an email to Colino telling him to remove the mask for the rest of the day.

Some students didn’t see a problem with Colino’s costume.

“I laughed. It was funny. I didn’t mind it, seemed cool to me,” said Dillon Mahone, KIRO reported.

The next day, Colino apologized to all his classes and discussed issues of race with them.

He explained how he felt about the decision to put him on administrative leave.

“The difficult part for me is I’ve always done well with trying to bring people together. I teach kids of all backgrounds and I’ve been respected and liked as a teacher,” Colino told KIRO.

In a letter to parents, the principal described Colino’s behavior as being “in opposition to Ingraham’s values of racial diversity and inclusivity and have impacted our students negatively.”

Colino met with the Black Students’ Union to apologize.

“We are all able to learn from this and now people know this kind of thing shouldn’t happen. I’m hoping it won’t happen again in the future,” said Union vice president Eden Gevremariam.

Sources: KIRO, The Stranger / Photo credit: Snapchat/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

3 thoughts on “1 Student Gets Offended By Costume Teacher Has Worn For 18 Years, Now He’s About To Be Fired (Photo)

  1. Only thing I have to say is B__ S___. YOU HAVE A TEACHER WANTING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND ONE PARENT WHO DON’T LIKE IT WANTING HIM FIRED. I hope the other parents and children he is attempting to help steps in to save a teacher that appears to care.

  2. Of course nowadays we have students crying wolf over everything rather than worrying about their school work. Why would they when they can just go do what they want and go blame everything on everyone else. It’s just all bullshit this teacher never should have had to worry about anything all because of one crybaby.

  3. when are people going to grow a pair , and quit letting a spoiled little kid cause all the turmoil , the man was doing it for 18 yrs , people need to understand that not everything is going to make them happy , and just because something offends you live with it be a grown up learn that not everything in life is there to make you happy . maybe after school go have a talk with the teacher try to understand what he was trying to get across to the students this is life people you can do better , you have to do better , learn to walk away , and maybe get a thicker skin
    learn from this

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